Lancing Football Club are delighted to be able to partner with the PAYPR organisation for the 2020/21 season.

Launched this week by first team co-manager Kane Louis, and wife Abeni, PAYPR is a ground breaking new organisation to support young people through mentorship, workshops, education, support and wellbeing services.

Our safeguarding & welfare team will be working closely with PAYPR and across our squads, starting with a first team pilot.

We’ll be uploading some of PAYPR’s content to one of our new website pages here throughout the season too.


What is PAYPR?

PAYPR stands for Positive Attitudes Yield Positive Results and provides the following services which it requires funding for:

  • Support through existing services, outside agencies, and in-house mentoring.
  • Providing tailored support to young people.
  • Reverse the negative statistics for young people in the areas of mental health, well-being, career progression, and crime.
  • Specialist fortnightly mentoring for young adults age 16-30.
  • Raising social media & online profile.
Practical and legal payments in order to run the program.
Workshop & speaker expenses.

Your donations will go towards helping young people access specialised help, mentoring and information.

We look forward to working with PAYPR for the forthcoming season! If you have any queries or want to get involved, get in touch with PAYPR via Instagram or visit their new website once it has launched.

PAYPR – Find out more


Website (coming soon)