Ahead of the 20/21 season which is due to commence next month, we’ve launched a new online commercial brochure, updated sponsorship packages, new 2-year discounts for perimeter boards and support for existing sponsors!

We have launched new packages in our brochure to attract a new range of local businesses to collaborate with, in addition to ensuring that we offer our support and flexibility to our existing sponsors & partners.

We hope that this highlights the committee’s commitment to serving the needs of our local business community and establishing long-term, sustainable relationships with sponsors.


For our existing sponsors, we have allocated funds to offer the following flexibility & support:

  • 10% renewal discount in August
  • 4-month free perimeter board extension

The 10% renewal is to support our existing sponsors in continuing their mutually vital advertising within the football club if they renew before 31 August.

Our perimeter board discount offers all existing board sponsors a free 4-month extension to account for loss of visibility during lockdown. Our stadium contracts normally renew every 12 months for each board, however all Lancing FC boards have been extended by 4 months.


We look forward to working with our existing, and new partners for the forthcoming season.

Commercial Enquiries: chairman@lancingfc.co.uk


You can view our new brochure via the link here.

Our full range of sponsorship options and commercial opportunities are also detailed here.