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Get an insight into the committee members who manage the club.

Learn more about the people that help to manage the club, why they got involved, hobbies & interests, and what their role generally involves.

At the end of each profile is stated where each committee member can usually be found on matchdays to approach, and you can also email us using the club officials page of the website.


Steve Taylor – Chairman

Steve joined as Chairman of the Lancers at the beginning of the 2018/19 season and has seen the club progress from strength-to-strength since.

Steve has been in county football for some 22 years after being an avid Albion fan in the 80’s and 90’s. As a lad he always watched Lancing, whether it was their 1st team or ressies (those were the days he could jump over the wall!).

Steve’s first role was as Commercial Manager for Lancing FC in the late 90’s, which saw him stay three years before moving onto pastures new. He had a couple of spells as Vice Chairman at Worthing United before going to Southwick as Chairman and then returning to Worthing United as Chairman. After serving four years at the Mavericks an opportunity became available to Chair Lancing Football Club and Steve ‘returned home’.

“I believe my experience Chairing at three different football clubs, coupled with the knowledge of the internal running of County football clubs as well as previously owning and running 4 businesses has made this a perfect match for myself. I am really lucky to have a committee who are experienced and share the same passion to take our club forward. Up the Lancers!”

You’ll often find Steve in the hospitality suite, stand or in the clubhouse on matchdays.

Barry Sutton – Vice-Chairman

Barry is an avid football & Lancers fan and Vice-Chairman of the club.

“I started watching Lancing in 2015 and joined the committee in 2017. I have been Social Media Manager, Community Engagement Officer and Commercial Manager before becoming Vice Chairman at the beginning of the 2018/19 season and also represent the club on parish council committees. I am also occasionally on Twitter duty and if a controversial tweet is sent out it is usually me to blame.”

“I used to play at Right-back but had to give up when my knees began to ache too much! Originally from Dover I am also a Dover Athletic Supporter and used to follow them home and away including to Gateshead which was the longest journey in football at the time. I currently work for the Ministry of Justice as a project manager in London which means early morning train travel most weekdays. Partner to Emma (of Cakes by Emma fame) and father to Charlie, Esme and Matthew. I always try to use our sponsors whenever possible which is why I can often be found in the Stanley Ale House or the Naaz restaurant.”

Barry’s favourite footballing memories include watching Dover win the Kent Senior Club at Gillingham’s ground and watching Lancing win at Haywards Heath in the FA Cup.

You’ll often find Barry selling merchandise near the turnstile, or in the press box on tannoy duty on matchdays… And ‘looking after’ the cake at half-time.

Clive Nutter – Hon Secretary / Fixtures Secretary

Clive is a long-standing committee member and huge asset to the club, ensuring that fixtures & results, league administration and our operations are organised smoothly, with a lot of behind-the-scenes work & dedication.

Fixtures Secretary and Programme Editor, Clive has also recently took on the acting role of Honorary Secretary to support the club’s administration and secretarial duties.

You’ll often find Clive near the hospitality suite or team whiteboard on matchdays.

Paul Blann – Hon Treasurer

Paul is an avid Leeds & Lancers fan and is an integral part of the committee.

Alternating between working in Leeds and here in Lancing, although he cannot always attend fixtures, Paul helps to ensure that our finances run smoothly and bills are paid on time.

As one of our longest-serving board members, Paul is a well-respected and likeable character at the club.

You’ll often find Paul in the press box on tannoy commentary duty on matchdays.

Gloria Eveleigh – Safeguarding & Welfare Manager

Gloria joined the committee in her original role of Lancing Parish Council Representative in 2018, offering a vital link between the Parish Council and Lancing Football Club when she was Chair of the Parish Council.

As of the 2020/21 season Gloria has taken on the role of Safeguarding & Welfare Manager, managing our safeguarding operations, and offering a wide range of skills & experience, coupled with enthusiasm, to ensure safeguarding policies are met & exceeded, with additional support from Jack.

Gloria has a vast wealth of experience in safeguarding, having previously operated her own consultancy business.

You’ll often find Gloria on the raffle or in the stand on matchdays.

Jack Taylor – Social Media Manager / Safeguarding & Welfare Officer (LGBTQ+)

Jack is 19 and joined in 2018 as Social Media Manager. He manages the club website, social media accounts, communications, PR, marketing, commercial publications and general online administration, working with several third party companies.

“I am a full-time Geography student with The Open University and previously the University of Sussex. Although I have wide interests I am ultimately a Cultural Geography with particular interests in Scandinavian culture. Away from football, I’m an avid reader and I also run, cook, bake, and harness my non-fiction writing skills. I am a vegetarian and try wherever possible to limit my environmental footprint within reason.”

“I currently work part-time in marketing. My previous employment includes a role as a university widening participation student ambassador working with young people aged 11-18 from deprived areas, and part-time jobs in retail, hospitality and with the Environment Agency.”

“Since joining the Lancers in 2018, I have been keen to promote development of a professional online platform; adoption of new technology, administration and software; boost community relations and improve LGBTQ+ support & visibility. Sustainability and sustainable growth is a key concept in which I try to convey within the board.”

Jack first got involved in football at an early age, watching Lancing at Culver Road as a toddler, later spending 4 years in his teens as volunteer Stadium Manager at Worthing United, and being a volunteer in the Heartbeat United Guinness World Record World’s Longest Football match, in memory of Matt Grimstone, Jacob Schilt & Matt Chaplain, before joining Lancing in 2018.

As of 2020 Jack is also Safeguarding & Welfare Officer with FA & NSPCC training to support Gloria.

You’ll often find Jack in the club office, player’s tunnel or stand on matchdays, often providing social media updates.

VACANCY – Social Media Officer
VACANCY – Kit & Equipment Manager
Ron George – Minutes Secretary / Club Historian

Ron is a seasoned non-league volunteer and former player who joined the committee at the beginning of the 2018/19 season.

A Mechanical Engineer then into Electronics. extensively travelling and working in Eastern USA and Canada, Western Europe and Middle East, Ron specialised in setting up production lines and advised on cost saving schemes.

Ron started playing in 1963 and added administration in 1970. He played for 33 years with his father’s club Abbey Rovers who became Lancing & Sompting Legion which then became Lancing United. In 2018 he found that he did not agree with the direction in which Lancing United were going and decided to leave. Old playing pal Paul Blann persuaded him to join Lancing FC and Ron has been very happy at the club since.

Ron is an all-round experienced committee member, in charge of club history, and also assisting on matchday’s and helping to maximise cost efficiencies & tax for the club.

You’ll often find Ron on the turnstile, raffle or in the stand on matchdays… And in the bar afterwards.

Geoff Patmore – Lancing Parish Council Representative

Geoff is on the committee as Lancing Parish Council (LPC) Representative, feeding back on LPC projects & latest news, and feeding our news back to LPC, ensuring that we maintain a close relationship with our local Parish Council, and offer each other assistance through short & long-term projects.

A vocal supporter & a great character to have on the committee.

You’ll often find Geoff in the stand with a beer & burger cheering on the Lancers on matchdays.

Grahame Holman – Safety Officer / Bingo Officer

Grahame is one of the latest additions to our committee, joining near the end of the 2019/20 season, and has been welcomed warmly onboard.

Grahame’s primary role is as Safety Managing, ensuring that we have appropriate stewarding in place for matchday’s, primarily for the first team, but also for our other senior teams who play at Culver Road. Enthusiastic & knowledgeable, the club is also supporting Grahame in receiving the latest spectator safety training to assist in his voluntary role.

Grahame also assists as Bingo Officer along with Brian to help to run our fortnightly Bingo Nights.

You’ll often find Grahame near the turnstile, hospitality suite or patrolling the ground on matchdays.

Shane Chapman – Safety Officer

Shane is a new addition to our senior committee and a great guy to have on board.

A trained SIA bouncer and with a wide skillset suited to stewarding, crowd control and security, Shane helps to ensure that players, officials and supporters are also safe on matchday’s at Culver Road. Shane & Grahame are two new additions to our team but are vital in maintaining our safe, welcoming atmosphere at our HQ in Lancing.

You’ll often find Shane near the turnstile, hospitality suite, or patrolling the ground on matchdays.

Brian Cork – Committee Member / Bingo Officer

Brian has been an experienced Lancers supporter, always helping out where needed, and official joining the committee during the 2018/19 season.

A reliable & faithful supporter and committee member, helping to run the raffle on matchdays, helping put out traffic cones, and hosting the fortnightly Friday bingo night along with Grahame at Culver Road.

You’ll often find Brian on the raffle on matchdays.

Terry Cartwright – Vice-President & Committee Member

Born 14th May 1938 (Yes! Really)

Star sign: Taurus. Strengths: Loyal, reliable, trustworthy, dependable, practical, steadfast. Weaknesses: stubborn, uncompromising. Dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity.

Married to Val 1961 (Yes! Really)

Work career: 1954 Laundry industry Van Boy to Transport Manager, 1956 Army – Air Corps, aircraft Mechanic, 1959 BEA aircraft mechanic, 1960 Gresham Transformers – supervisor, 1962 Milkman to Branch Manager, 1987 Action Bikes – Asst Manager to Sales Director.

Hobbies: Keeping chickens, gardening, DIY.

Sporting interests: Football, cricket, formula 1, horseracing, rugby and many others.

Some sporting achievements: Athletics – 1954 3rd in junior counties cross country, 1958 1st in forces championship 1 mile Nicosia Stadium in time of 4mins 19secs. Football – 1953 Final Dewer Shield Twickenham v East Ham. Lost 1-0 in replay, position goalkeeper ( enough said). Played for Army, Brentford East and Strand Athletic (goalkeeper). Cricket – Played for Army, Old Whittonians (Current President since 1990). Proudest moment, seeing my Son trial for Tottenham Hotspur at Cheshunt training ground, meeting Peter Shreeves, Garth Crooks, Terry Gibson.

Moved from London to Sussex 1996. Drove train at Brooklands Pleasure Park for 6 years and known as Mr. Diddly. Became a volunteer for the RVS.

Started watching Lancing FC in 2004 and became more involved by running bingo for club and other functions, joining committee. Became Vice-president. Jobs on matchday; whatever needs doing. Voted Supporter of the Year 2018-19 by SCFL. Favourite management team Naz – Dave – Kane.

Favourite players too many to mention, let’s say the whole team.

I love my football, especially Lancing. COME ON YOU YELLOWS.

You’ll often find Terry in the hospitality suite or stand on matchdays, helping wherever needed, although you will probably hear him cheering first.

Brendan Carey – Committee Member

Brendan is an all-rounder and is a committee member on our senior committee, secretary for the youth section, and is also on the board of a local youth football league.

An integral link between the senior & youth sections of the club, and played a vital role in establishing Lancing as a community football club.

You’ll often find Brendan assisting Tina with the turnstile or hospitality on matchdays.

Tina Carey – Committee Member

Tina is a lover of football and always willing to support the committee in whichever way she can; reliable, hard-working and kind.

In addition to being on our senior committee, Tina also helps to support registrations across our Youth Section, subs collection from our Under-18 & Ladies squads, and assists a local youth football league in their operations too.

You’ll often find Tina on the turnstile or hospitality suite on matchdays, or at Stamford Bridge supporting the Blues!

Wayne Poulter – Committee Member

Wayne joined the Lancers as Manager of the Ladies, Disability and Under-23s at the beginning of the 2019/20 season.

A dedicated, knowledgeable, calm, positive coach who has earnt the respect of the players & officials around him alike.

Also on the senior committee, Wayne is always keen to offer a hand with tasks, attend meetings & feedback to us on matters primarily relating to the Disability & Women’s teams.

You’ll often find Wayne supporting in the stand & liasing with players, when not coaching, on matchdays.

David Wilmott – Match Reporter

David is another great asset on the committee, joining in 2017 and now the club match reporter.

Early years

I was born in March 1946 in a National Trust cottage in Failand, a small West country village near Bristol. It was my maternal grandparents’ home. They were farmers. My father was still serving in the Armed Forces in Singapore and was unaware of my birth until some three months later. I was brought up and educated in Newport, South Wales, my father’s home town. I completed my education at St. Julians Grammar School in 1964, leaving with 9 “O” levels and 3 “A” levels (French, Latin and German). I was the eldest of 6 children, 5 boys and one girl. The youngest brother was born 3 months before I married at the age of 20.

Employment career

My first experience of working life, apart from being a newspaper delivery boy, was working during my school summer holidays picking potatoes. My friend and I used to be picked up and transported in an open lorry to the potato field. It was back breaking work in the heat. We were paid by the weight we picked. I would have been 10 or 11. When I was in the sixth form, I worked for Monmouthshire Board Mills, a cardboard manufacturing company situated at the mouth of the river Usk in Newport. This lasted for two summers but they kept me on until December 1964 whilst waiting for permanent employment. This came at the beginning of 1965. I passed the Civil Service entrance interview and was posted to the Registry of Friendly Societies in North Audley St. Central London. By this time, I was engaged to Joan. Suddenly, after being a schoolboy living with my parents, I had to relocate to the Capitol. Luckily, I was able to lodge with an aunt of my father’s in her home at the southern tip of Clapham Common, near Clapham Junction. I did not adjust well to London living, away from friends, family and fiancée. An opportunity presented itself to return home. The Passport Office was planning to open a regional office in Newport in the autumn of 1967. They were recruiting staff willing to transfer to Newport. I passed an interview and in May 1965 I joined the Passport Office at Clive House, Petty France. Joan and I were married in September 1966. She joined me in London. We had a flat at Tooting Bec and Joan was taken on by the Passport Office as a typist and later, in a secretarial role. We moved back to Newport in October 1967. We both worked at the same office. Joan was the Officer in Charge’s secretary until our son John was born in 1970.

A new chapter began in July 1972. I applied for a promotion to the Home Office in London and was posted to The Immigration and Nationality Dept. at Princeton House, High Holborn. After a difficult period of separation from wife and child we were reunited after a few months staying with the aunt who gave me lodgings in 1965, where we stayed until we bought a home in Pound Hill, Crawley. Commuting to central London lasted for a few months until The Immigration and Nationality Dept. moved to a new office at Lunar House in Croydon. Our daughter Corinna was born in Crawley in April 1973

I remained in Croydon until another promotion took me back to central London in 1983. I took up a position as a Senior Presenting Officer (essentially an advocate) representing the Home Secretary before the Immigration Appeal Tribunal at Thanet House in the Strand, opposite the Law Courts. I Encountered many top Barristers in my time there, including a young David (now Lord) Pannick Q.C. and Michael (Lord) Beloff Q.C. This post lasted until 1994 when I took up a new post in the Immigration Service back in Croydon. I managed a number of different units until I retired in 2003.

I always intended to continue in some form of employment and within a couple of months I took a job with Tates Citroen in Crawley. This involved the collection and delivery of new vehicles and the collection and return of vehicles for service. I drove the length and breadth of Sussex, into Kent and Surrey. Occasional long-distance trips to places such as Manchester, Tewkesbury, Exeter. It began as part time 4 hours a day but gradually expanded so that I was practically in full time employment. I thoroughly enjoyed the job and the opportunity to mix with a different group of colleagues. After a while, I reduced my hours before finally retiring in 2010, a couple of months after moving to Lancing, after living in Crawley for over 37 years.

Sporting/Football career.

I was always mad on football from an early age but I was mad on all sports and loved running. My first set of football boots were brown leather with a hard tie cap and leather studs with nails on, which you had to hammer into the sole of the boot. I played for the school football, cricket and baseball teams and represented the school at Town athletics event. Baseball, which in South Wales was a popular sport, was a cross between US baseball and rounders. I captained the Newport Junior Town team in the annual matches, home and away against Cardiff. I was the bowler and I still have the blazer badge awarded to each player.

I passed the 11+ and went to a rugby playing grammar school. The only football played was in the school playground. I joined a youth football team, Colston Rangers, in the Newport Youth League. I have a photograph of me receiving my medals after we won the league and cup in the 1960/1 season. At grammar school I was good at athletics, particularly middle distance. I was not the headmaster’s favourite pupil and I always remember the look on his face when I won the Upper sixth cross country in my final year and he had to introduce me on the stage to receive applause. In the sixth form a group of us formed a basketball team and we used to play most lunch times. We were a good team and formed Newport under 18 representative team.

When I joined the Passport Office, I discovered that they had two teams playing in the London Civil Service League. I signed on and remember our first training session, which was held in Hyde Park. We had to run around the Serpentine and I impressed by finishing in front of everyone. I was selected to play as a centre back, a new position for me and I adapted very well, so much so that I was selected to play for the league representative team. Two standout memories:

1.Won a 1966 World Cup Ticket in a FA club allocation. I saw England beat Mexico 1-0. Blockbuster of a shot from Bobby Charlton from way out.

2: Watched Celtic with Passport Office team mates, several of whom were Scots, win the European Cup in May 1967. We were in the Adam and Eve pub, right next to the Passport Office.

When I moved back to Newport in 1967, we formed a good social and sporting group playing tennis and badminton. There was a Civil Service Sports Club, with rugby and football pitches. I signed on for the football team and quickly established myself as a bit of a speed merchant and was converted as a front runner, right wing mainly. I was one of the younger members in the team with a number in their late twenties or early 30s and a few ex Welsh league players. We were a successful team winning league and cup doubles in the Newport and District league before moving up to the Gwent League. One of the Senior players was Charlie Brewster, once with Newport County and I was very saddened to hear that a few years ago he committed suicide jumping off a bridge into the river Usk.

The next chapter in my football career came when we moved to Crawley in 1972 and I joined Three Bridges, then in Div. 1 of the Sussex County League. Played under several different managers as winger/ striker with the first XI but never established myself as a first team regular despite being a regular scorer in the reserves. The reserves manager, when I joined was the late John Vallis, well known to Lancing F C.

My most successful season was 1975/76 when I was the leading scorer, mostly for the reserves, when we won the Reserves championship. I scored over 30 goals, and was Three Bridges Player’s Player. I had a reputation for speed and fitness and won a players Super Stars competition run on a knockout basis over several weeks.

The following season, March 5th 1977, I sustained a serious injury playing for the reserves. I had scored in a 5-0 lead and in chasing a ball over the top of the defence, I tried to pull up to a avoid colliding with the opposing keeper. I ruptured my patella tendon and this tore my kneecap in two. After a six-month layoff, I returned to Bridges but dropped down a level until the end of the 77/78 season playing for Roffey in the West Sussex league.

I returned to Bridges for 78/79 season. I scored 5 goals: a hattrick in my second game against Selsey, the winner in a 2-1 win over Horsham YMCA and scored my last goal for Bridges in a 2-0 win at Wick.

A Three Bridges memento I have is a programme of a Div. 1 game at Jubilee Field with Lancing F C as the visitors. Lancing were managed by Kevin Keenan and in the team were John Sharman (captain, Shaun Berrett (now my postman) and a well-known name, Adrian Chipper.

I re-joined Roffey and played for them for a number of years before joining Ifield in Div. III of the Sussex County League. I was there into my early 40s as player /coach and managed their reserves for a time. Finished in the third XI in the Crawley and Dist. League. Played in the Crawley Junior Charity trophy in May 1987 and scored the only and winning goal! have a VHS tape of the game. Won two Cup medals in April 1988. The Junior Charity Cup and the Junior Challenge Cup. I was now 44 and joined in both finals by my son John aged 17. Then I joined Oakwood, a Div1 Sussex County League side, where my son was also playing. By this time, I had acquired the FA preliminary coaching certificate. I had a coaching role and was assistant manager for the reserves, playing the odd game. I later became player manager for a mainly very young Oakwood Third team in the mid Sussex league for one season.

I was then assisting the manager of a team in the Redhill and District league, Oakside, where my son was now playing. I finished the season as their manager. We were playing on a private ground belonging to the Monotype company. The Monotype team had folded and I was approached to take over as manager when they reformed. We had a successful few years winning league and cup doubles before joining the Crawley league. We joined the Crawley league in 1999/2000. We won the Crawley Senior cup and finished runners up in the Premier League. I played my last game that season at the ripe old age of 53, coming on as a third sub, as a result of injuries to others. I retired from managing/ coaching at the end of that season.

During my playing career, I also coached and manager a junior team, Milton Mount in the Crawley Playleaders league. This was around 1980/81 and the age group would have been 10 or 11. We had some league and cup success and as the boys became older, we moved into the Mid Sussex youth league, finishing at under 16 level. One name which stands out from the competition in the Playleaders league is Gareth Southgate. He was a friend of my son and they played in the same Hazlewick Schools team. They were both invited to join a Kent school team to go on a football tour of Europe in a mini bus, as they were short of a couple of players. They visited and played in Germany, Switzerland and France.

When the youth team reached the age of 16, I was approached by Brighton FC who were looking to establish a feeder team to their under 18 Apprentice trainee team, to provide some players to make up the numbers for a Saltdean team playing in the Sussex County under 18 League. I used to take 5 of my players, including my son, to a school in Portslade for mid-week training where I helped the Brighton coach, and would take them to matches played on Sunday mornings. I recall that they won the Youth cup.

I am still involved with junior football. My grandson Harrison is goalkeeper for Hurstpierpoint Colts and I help with coaching and on match day. Their manager is Mike Standing, former professional with Brighton and Aston Villa and other teams lower down. My son has lived in California since 1965 and played a lot of “soccer” .My two grandsons aged 15 and 20 play to a high standard there.

Throughout my football years, I did a lot of running. The Home Office had an annual Sports day held at the Civil Sports ground in Chiswick. A day of athletic events and 6 a side football. I competed in the sprint races finishing second in the 200 metres on one occasion in 1975, and runners up in 1975 and 1976 in the football. I still have the medals.

The only other running of note I did was when I teamed up with my friend Gordon Newman, now sadly passed away, to run a marathon to help raising funds through sponsorship to purchase a stair lift for a lady who was a MS sufferer. This was in April 1994.

Lancing FC Association.

I have a diary entry which says that I attended a game between Lancing and Oakwood, one of my former clubs, on Tues. 8th Feb. 2011. Lancing won 8-0. I suspect this was a cup match. I believe this was my first Lancing game. Without trawling exhaustively through my diaries, it seems that I did not start watching Lancing from time to time until 2015. And it was a couple of years later when I became a regular at home matches and this soon developed into a real enthusiasm for the club and, in the last couple of years, I have attended most games home or away becoming the designated driver with the delightful company of Terry and Brian, as regularly as myself, Barry and Paul (when he is down south) and, on the odd occasion, Jamie. It was Darren James, who first suggested that I might like to join the committee and so I was co-opted a couple of years back.

I have enjoyed the football on display and the camaraderie, particularly on the away coach trips to FA cup and FA vase matches. Great atmosphere and a great set of players have worn the Lancing colours. This season has been the most enjoyable. A superb management and coaching /physio team, a brilliant group of players, a thoroughly dedicated Chairman with his right-hand men, Barry, Jack, Terry, Brian and Paul and some good loyal supporters. Tina and Brendan looking after us on home match days. Emma and her delicious cakes. So much was anticipated from the hard work put in this season and the disappointment felt by everyone is huge.

We simply have to pick ourselves up and go again.

You’ll often find David in the stand constructing his thorough match report on matchdays.


You can find the list of our committee members & contact details here